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I carve on wooden panels, using steel hand tools. These woodcarving panels are made from glued assemblages of boards which are carefully chosen to have matching grain. The panels present a carving surface that is consistent in color, like a blank canvas. Some carvings have a frame attached, while others show the carved edge of the board. Most of the panels are about 1" thick, with a slot in back for easy, secure mounting on a wall.

I color my carvings with pigments, dyes, and UV protectant varnish. The dyes are layered, mixed and partially sanded away, in a process that is both intentional and experimental. 

In 1991 I bought a rusty truck for a hundred dollars. I pointed it west and headed to Montana. I had enrolled in the Fine Art Department at the University of Montana in Missoula. After living in the west for a time, I graduated with a BA in Botany instead.

As as kid growing up in New York State, I spent a lot of time outside in the woods and a lot of time drawing on paper. Looking back now, I guess I haven't changed much.  I'm either working in the studio or out walking the river, or perhaps on a bike or a pair of skis. Thats generally where I find ideas and inspiration. I hope my work awakens your senses.

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